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New Crew

We might be sailors, but first and foremost, we're animal lovers. When we moved aboard we fought the urge to have furry friends along for the ride. Turns out, that was impossible. 

In March we started looking for a cat. After looking at breeds we learned that Bengals love water and generally do well on boats. I've always loved the way Bengals looked and quickly agreed that we had to have one. Big problem, though. They are ridiculously expensive - over $3000 in some cases!! So, instead we looked at shelters and lucked into finding a Bengal kitten. 

Meet Sancho Panza. Yes, she's a cat with a dude name. She's also mostly dog so we sometimes call her El Doggo.

We really thought having a cat would be enough. It's sure easier than having a dog but as it turns out, we (read: Shannon) really missed having a true doggo. Shannon would find pictures of pups to show me. Always saying "isn't this cute?!" I knew then we would soon have a pup of our own. 

We ended up with the most adorable Mini Golden Doodle ever. His name is Lexapro (Lex for short) since he's Shannon's anti-depressant. He's a bit more cat like so we sometimes call him El Gato. 

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